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How to submit to groups B by Photopathica How to submit to groups B by Photopathica
(only as addition to #DeviantsGallery 's F.A.Q. and as part of #TheControversy's "Welcome Challenge". )

This is yet another way to submit to groups, from the deviation itself.

Just go to the deviation you want to submit, and look in the section to the right, "submit to a group".
Pick the option "type a group name" - type the name of the group and hit "check" (when you have done this many times, the group will show up in "recent groups").
When you have submitted to the group several times this way, it will show up when you're typing and you can just select it.
When you get the group showing up, click the arrow next to the box below with a folder title, find the correct folder and then hit "submit", and you're done :)

You can find 3 other ways to submit to the group gallery here: [link]

Make sure to pick the correct folder! Double check it, it's easy to make a slip just when you click on the folder.

You can find descriptions of our folders here: [link]
Frequently Asked Questions: [link]

I'm pushing the fact that you're not supposed to submit to "dont submit here, pick the correct folder".
If you are still wondering why we have that folder, read here: [link]
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